Babor Celebration Box 2021

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Babor Celebration Box 2021

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BABOR is celebrating an anniversary! Celebrating Beauty since 1956! 65 years of beauty. For this special occasion, they are creating special moments: They want to celebrate you and their hero products. How? BABOR has created a birthday box containing their 10 bestsellers – each of the 10 small boxes is hiding quite a bit MORE – from the legendary HY-ÖL to the top seller: DOCTOR BABOR Collagen Booster Cream. Join the celebration and let them surprise you! Set includes: - BABOR Hy-Öl 50ml & Phytoactive 30ml: The Cleansing Hero since 1956 - BABOR Rose Toning 30ml: A Rosy Outlook for Your Skin - BABOR Collagen Booster Ampullen 3 x 2ml: Highly concentrated Beauty Elixir - BABOR Perfect Separation Mascara 6ml: Perfect Lashes, perfect Mood - BABOR Enzyme Cleanser 20g: May Your Day be as flawless as Your Skin - BABOR Cleanformance Overnight Mask 30ml: Radiant Skin over Night - BABOR Lip Balm 1pcs.: For Lips to kiss - BABOR SPA Hand Care 30ml: For Your SPA Moment - BABOR Reversive Eye Cream 7ml: Makes Your Eyes glow - BABOR Collagen Booster Cream 50ml: Treat Yourself to irresistible Skin

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Cost: $320.00