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Depolluting Youth Cream

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Pollution can be a cause of imbalance within the skin's microbiome. The skin weakens and becomes less able to defend itself. A genuine ally against daily aggressions, this antipollution*-energizing-rebalancing cream reveals radiance in all skin, even dull and stressed skin. Depolluting helps to limit damaged to the skin caused by pollution.

Size: Size: 50ml

Cost: $135.00

Energizing serum

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This powerful detoxifying and energizing cocktail is an incredibly gentle and light-textured serum: the ideal boost to your skincare ritual. Skin regains its vitality and looks younger.

Size: Size: 30ml

Cost: $155.00

Protective depolluting* essence

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To incorporate into your beauty ritual every day, and protect your skin's youth. This formula works like a barrier against pollution. Its innovative dropper bottle provides just the right amount of protection, every day while enveloping the skin in an ultra-comfortable hydrating veil.

Size: Size: 30ml

Cost: $65.00

Energizing radiance ampoules

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Energizing radiance ampoules work like an instant transparent mask to visibly diminish wrinkles as they contain a smoothing/tightening duo of beech bud extract and almond biofibres. Smooths immediately.

Size: Size: 2 ampoules

Cost: $29.50

Instant energizing corrector (EE cream)

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An incredible texture that transforms during application to adapt to all skin tones and skin types EE* cream contains encapsulated pigments to instantly target and correct any imperfections visible on the skin's surface.

Size: Size: 30ml

Cost: $87.50

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