Whether you are after a body exfoliation or a hot stone massage, we are the day spa sydney needs. Our individual treatments are based upon your individual needs. It is the place to come and be pampered.
Service Price    
$155 1Hr15Min

A pure moment of wellbeing! A relaxing body ritual inspired by Japanese traditions. Enjoy a sensorial escape to the heart of Japan and its beautiful blossoming cherry trees. Sophisticated and nourishing this ritual immerses you in its evocative floral fragrance and Asian scents. At home re-create the sensorial escape using SOTHYS Satin Elixir with Asian essences. An elixir of beauty which softens and delicately perfumes the skin.

$159 1Hr15Min

Experience the comforting sensation of a hydrating/nourishing wrap applied warm onto the skin, and let your body and your mind indulge in pure escapism. Includes body exfoliation and moisturize.

$95 45Min

Sugar & Salt scrub infused with an aromatic blend of your choice to remove dead skin cells and leave the skin polished and tingling with good health. Includes body moisturize.

$75 45Min

Dry Body Exfoliation is the perfect treatment to improve skin circulation, eliminate toxins, improve skin appearance, and eliminate cellulite. Including full body moisturize, for smooth, healthy & great looking skin from head to toe.

$95 45Min

This body exfoliation is so delicious...almost good enough to eat! Using an exotic and delicious blend of spices and essential oils of Ginger, Nutmeg, Orange and Cinnamon for a smooth, healthy and great feeling skin from head to toe. Includes body moisturise.

$159 1Hr15Min

A multi-action wrap to exfoliate, drain and de-congest. The lipolytic properties promote increased circulation and boost the elimination of toxins. Includes body exfoliation and moisturize.